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heli padFirst impressions always last whether you arrive up the sweeping driveway in conventional style, or indeed touch down at Harvey’s Point’s own helipad will be of seclusion and grandeur.

Harvey’s Point has its own helipad located on a private pier at the front of the hotel. From a romantic trip for two, the special occasion of your wedding, transport from Golf Course to Golf Course or a Corporate Event, Harvey’s Point is proud to offer the most exclusive helipad facilities in the area.

To see the splendor of Donegal there really is no better way than by helicopter. The beauty of the mountains or the grandeur of the north west coast will stay in your memory forever when you have seen their true scale from the air.

The flexibility of the seaplane to set down on both land and water makes it easier than ever to reach the most remote parts in the country. Arrive in style by helicopter and experience the most amazing journey of your life traveling above the most spectacular scenery in County Donegal.