Harvey's Point Seafood Chowder

Posted on: 2020-02-12 14:43:44Food & Drink

Seafood Chowder with the Chefs of Harvey’s Point

Chowder has long been a favourite here at Harvey’s Point with staff and guests alike and has remained a seasonal staple on our Menu over the years. There’s something about the creamy warmth of Chowder that can instantly make you feel at home.


Every Chowder is a little different depending on who is behind the pot and the Chefs here at Harvey’s Point have spent many years tweaking and perfecting our recipe which is by far the most requested dish for our in-house cookery demonstration.

We asked our Executive Head Chef Chris McMenamin and Head Chef Colin McKee to share their recipe to achieve the perfect Chowder




1 diced carrot

1 diced celery stick

½ diced leek

½ bulb of fennel

1 white onion diced

20g butter

100mls brandy

50mls pastis

300mls white wine

2 vegetable stock cubes

Corn flour to thicken

75g salmon

75g cod

75g smoked haddock

500 mls double cream


·       Dice all Vegetables

·       Cut the fish into chunky pieces

·       In a pot cook the vegetables for 1 minute with butter, add bay leaves

·       Add the brandy and pastis and reduce

·       Add the wine and reduce by half

·       Add the stock and reduce for 2 min

·       Thicken with the cornflour and cook on a light heat for 5 Min

·       Add the Cream and finally add the Fish

·       Cook until Fish is cooked through

Taste for seasoning

Serve with a thick slice of Wheaten Brown Bread and Butter

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