Team Building Activities In Donegal

What better way to build collaboration and cohesion in your team than a Donegal getaway packed with thrilling activities and memorable experiences. After a team building event in Donegal, each participant will leave feeling appreciated, refreshed, and recommitted to success.

Our events manager can help you put together a bespoke itinerary tailored to the interests and preferences of your team.


Walking Ireland is based in Donegal Town. We have over 20 years’ experience in outdoor activities. As well as our outdoor activities, we provide a range of team building challenges. These challenges can be indoor or outdoor based and tailored to suit the needs of an organisation. Activities are facilitated, and teams are briefed as to the activity and the desired outcome. It is then up to the team to Plan, Manage, Supervise, Conduct and complete the activity. At the end of each challenge the team will be facilitated in a review of the success, or otherwise, of the challenge. The team then progresses to the next stage bringing with them, lessons learned. 

Team Building:

A normal Team Building session takes two hours and will include up to 4 challenges. The aim, is for the team to have fun, while at the same time, bring lessons learned from each section through to the next challenge, with the desired outcome of, completing the fourth challenge in a professional manner as an effective team. The complete process allows teams to plan, conduct and review each challenge as a work process.

Team Building Event Planning:

In advance of a Team Building session, Walking Ireland normally work with a representative of the organisation to establish the needs, requirements and desired outcomes of the session, by the organisation. This usually included two meetings. The first would be a discussion as to the event, its location, structure and organisational requirements. The second would be an onsite meeting at the event venue to ensure all preparations are in place to meet the organisation’s needs.

Team Building Activities = Team Productivity

1.   Boosts Productivity. How many times have you sat at your desk and zoned out into space because you unenthusiastic to do much of anything else? Team building activities are a reason to get people up out of their desks and interact with colleagues. They may not usually get to see or talk to. When the activity finished and wrapped up. Your team will have a renewed sense of motivation and will power through the rest of their day

2.   Enhance Motivation & Confidence. When working on a task just seems to haveno easy fix to, presume what happens to motivation level? It falls. But, when we can think about past situation where things seemed lost and see that through trial and error a solution found. Our confidence levels increase.

3.   Nurture Problem-Solving. Going off to the previous point, when a group of people asks to complete a task, chances there are will be a lot of suggestions on how to get it done. Every idea won’t work, but from one idea another one may come to mind. There’s the way to solve the problem. This can apply to their jobs as well and the next time they get stuck on something. They’ll know by asking for suggestions they’ll get the answer. 

4.   Encourages Creativity. Getting up and out of normal work environments is enough to flash some new ideas under normal working conditions. Depending on the environment, the team building occurs in, the sky’s the limit on creativity can foster. Desk-bound employees will appreciate the excuse to get up and get their eyes off the computer screen. Instead of having to create excuses to move around.

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