Setting the Gold Standard for Sustainable Excellence!"

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Setting the Gold Standard for Sustainable Excellence

Setting the Gold Standard for Sustainable Excellence!"

Harvey's Point, a renowned industry leader in hospitality, proudly announces a major milestone: the Gold Label on the Fifty Shades Greener Green Business Program. Harvey’s Point is the first hotel in Donegal to be awarded the prestigious Gold Label "This exciting development marks a significant milestone for the company and reinforces its commitment to sustainability.

 Harvey's Point is part of the Fifty Shades Greener program, Fifty Shades Greener is the world's leading sustainability company providing education, certification and consultancy to businesses, tourism destinations, governments, and educational providers.


 Our Green Journey so far...

ENERGY: On track to reduce energy consumption by 10% in 2023 over 2022 (new equipment energy saving), estimated gas reduction by 30% in compared to 2022 due to changing kitchen supply from gas to electricity. 100% of the lighting was also upgraded to LEDs. Continue to reduce oil usage by 15% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to 2022.

WASTE: Reduction of food waste in line with the goal of 10%.  Currently working on reducing landfill waste, and correct recycling process training for all staff.  The continuing reduction of food waste by almost 15% in compared to 2022.

WATER: The water consumption is in line in compared to previous years 2019,2022- good practices on, aerator installation will affect the date.

Other key achievements include

  • From Harvey’s Points' top 13 food suppliers, 23% of food is locally sourced, 7% is regionally sourced and 69% is nationally sourced.
  • All suppliers had been reviewed and provided their Sustainability Policies
  • Harvey’s Point has eliminated unnecessary plastic packaging in its Food & Beverage Outlets.
  • Plastic bottled water in bedrooms has been replaced with sustainable Tetra Pak water. 
  • The cleaning products are all sourced from green providers.
  • They have also installed four EV charging points with a plan to increase this in the future.
  • Harvey’s Point has developed a staff wellness garden, producing herbs and vegetables sourced directly from their property for their kitchens and tea
  • A well-being committee to support their social mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and well-being.  Initiatives include the Wellbeing Support Programme to help the team overcome life’s physical, mental, financial, and personal challenges.
  • To support the local community, The Green Team do “The Big Spring Clean” around the local area. Making sure that their location is litter free.
  • Training and development are at the core of the hotel’s ethos, including upskilling and environmental training for their team with Fifty Shades Greener and Business Environmental Sustainability for Businesses
  • Harvey’s Point continues to work on internal award schemes to promote sustainable practices.

Klaudia Zon the Hotel's Green Team Manager has gained a certificate in environmental sustainability management in hospitality -This is the first qualification of its kind to be regulated as an official qualification on the Ofqual framework of education.

 “Reducing carbon emissions should be something that becomes paramount in our daily routines if we really want to provoke a mindset change. Environmental education is key to driving this transformation and the general education system has a responsibility to not only prepare learners for the world of work but provide them with the skills to influence employers, politicians and the wider society. This can be achieved through teaching learners how to measure, manage and monitor carbon emissions. When you do not measure something, you cannot manage it” explains Raquel Noboa, CEO of Fifty Shades Greener.

 As an industry leader, we believe that building a culture around sustainability is our prime duty. The dedicated Harvey’s Point ‘Green Team’ is working tirelessly to improve our environmental practices including energy, single-use plastic and water usage. It means that we are measuring water, energy and waste usage on a monthly basis and trying to reduce consumption, where possible. We were delighted to achieve a Silver Level Award in October 2022 and in May 2023 we were awarded the Gold Level Award. It is a journey, a journey that we are excited to be part of - Niall Coffey Hotel General Manager

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